I had the pleasure of working with author Ashley Mills Monaghan to illustrate her children's book, which was first released in 2013.  Thanks to the support of family & friends, this little book has received much love and has garnered several awards over the years. For more info, please visit: alittlegoesalongwaybook.com
To purchase a copy of the book (paperback & hardcover) directly from the author, please click here.
Various Projects:
The following are "cinematics" for the Neopets "War of the Obelisk" game event in 2013.
These were basically short introductions for each faction in the game, and I had the privilege of collaborating with fellow artists Ivan Mendoza and Vincent Odien.  I worked primarily on the character drawings and layout, while Ivan and Vinny worked on backgrounds and animation/motion graphics, respectively.
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